AAA Ultimate Ravens Fan Cruise

Hey gang. I just got back into town, fresh off a week on the AAA Ultimate Ravens fan cruise. And I’ve got to tell you, it was great.

The best part was definitely bingo. I’ll come back to that later. It seemed like there was always something going on. The first day at sea was a little rough, but we answered questions from fans and laughed a lot about our playing days. Kyle Richardson, the punter from our super bowl team was there too. Loved catching up with that guy.

As you all know, I love golf. And Port Royal Golf Course in Bermuda was one of the prettiest I ever played. It was right on the ocean, so the views were tremendous. But so was the wind. Did much better on the more inland front 9. Had a blast playing it though.

While I was golfing, my family had a great time At the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo. Had some delicious short ribs for dinner at Blu. And got to see a few beautiful beaches.

Trip back was all about the fans. We took photos with everyone and signed a bunch of autographs. Played a lot more bingo – in fact, my wife and son were the ships big winner!

Good to be back in Baltimore, even for just a bit as I had to race off to Lake Tahoe for a golf tournament (I cannot play enough!). Already looking forward to next years cruise. Thanks AAA and all the great fans for coming along.

Pictures from the cruise